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Deep and Strong
I never thought
I would fall in love
I never saw it come
Deep and strong
But i was there
We met as friends
We grew a bond so strong
Love was blossoming
Deep and strong
But i was there
Ups and downs
Went through all the pain
Times changes
Lived to speak and listen to the voice
Deep and strong
But i was there
Words were said
Promises were made
We live to see each other happy
To live with this bond
Deep and strong
But i was there
I hold his hand
And move on
Hardships came and went
Only brought us closer
Our bond
Deep and strong
But i was there
I am here today
With his love with me
Whereever i go
Whatever i do
He would always be with me
A part of me he will always be
Deep and strong
There would be times
When we would be apart
But our love will keep us
Alive, young and beautiful
Is how our relationship is
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Happiness by your side
Always and forever
Closure I hope is found
The thin line snapped
But still is bound
Seasons come and go
Leaves do dry off
But flowers do blossom
They do blossom
We all move on
But people leave impressions
They are embossed on your life
For eternity
Just a thought
Just  a feeling
May be it will stay
Maybe it wont
Like the millions of stars
In the sky
You will shine bright
In my life
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I've still got sand in my shoes
And I can't shake the thought of you
I shake it all, forget you
Why, why would I want to
I know we said goodbye
Anything else would've been confused but I wanna see you again
It's not always rainbows and butterflies
It's compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door's always open
You can come anytime you want
I dont know what
And why I am writing all this...
Feel so much...
Cant express though
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Miss everything....
Ever felt happy and sad
At the same time
I feel that way
All the time..
Ever felt like laughing and crying
At the same time
I feel that way
All the time...
Ever felt like
In everything you do
You remember someone..
I feel that way
All the time ...
Ever felt so high
and then being thrown so low...
Feel that
All the time..
Ever felt the urge of just
Changing circumstances
Feel that
All the time..
Ever missed someone
So much
That you think nothing else...
Feel that
All the time...
Why is it so hard
To be without someone..
And still be with them
All the time..
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Feelings never fade
Feelings have never fade
The bond still remains
Thoughts still match
Destiny interferes
Times change
Faces dont fade
They just stay with you all the time
Bonds still remain
They always will
I try not to remember
But i never forgot
Harder it gets day by day
It always brings a smile
A smile accompanied by a tear
Thoughts run thru my mind
Days when we would laugh til v cud laugh no more
Days when we would be feeling down
Always there
Cherish wil i al dat was
Hope !!
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Stars in my eyes
Wind blows on my face
Soft gentle
Reminds me of things
That sooth my mind
It pushes my mind
Into deep thinking
I realise I have been blessed
I realise every minute given to me
Is precious
I should live in the present
But then thoughts come into my mind
I am tranferred to a journey
That was halfway through
I left the ground
My eyes fixed on the stars
I head for them
I see the ground far behind me
And then so beautiful
Deep into the cores of the universe
I am just here and it feels like home
I lay my head on nothing
I float
A never before dreamt picture of vastness,strength ,and power
I dont want to blink
Keep my eyes wide open
To capture every spec of light
I fall back
Look at the stars
Appreciate their mere existance
They live just like you and me
I wake up
But I live my dream
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Harsh realities
I hear them from someone
Who has been gentler than anyone else
Who always understood me
He does this for me
He knows I care
He knows that I dont want this
No words no connections
Nothing remains
Feeling of emptiness
We go through this
I ask him to remember
Bu then nothin remains
He says
Everything has changed
I say nothing should change
He writes me poems
That bring me up
And then I fall
Nothing remains still..
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In my weakest hour
I dont know
What is this path I have chosen
I try so hard
I give him my best
But still I am here trying
Crying, trying
What have I chosen?
So did he
Why then this pain and so much agony
Now there is not time
To be sad
All that is asked from me
Is to stay happy in the time given
I smile
I move on
I hope
And now all I see is pain
Love is all I have to give
Then why is it that it feels so ignored?
When all I m surrounded by is Love
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Choice or not..
Sometimes I think so deep
Sometimes I feel so low
Why do I think so much
When everything I know
All these days were meant to be
All these moments would have been
Everything is here to stay
But still I hope ,still I pray
For some change ,for a sense of direction,
To understand the coming
Time moves by me
Taking me with it
I want to stay right here right now
Sometimes I think so deep
Sometimes I feel so low
I know memories will grow
And it is only Love , care and strenght
I need to show
Time still moves on
Hope is still in me
It only increases my strenght
On and on I move
I hope I did right
I chose.
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Stay with me.
Always in search was I
To find someone who would love me
Love came to me
It came to me in a way never thought of
Ups and downs
We still go on
Time goes on
Far we would be
But the invisible rope that ties us stays
And we hold on to it
Wish my broken wings
Would help me fly
Fly so high
Fake a lie
Just to be with you
Just to know I care
Cos all that we have is Love
And Hope is something i live with
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Every minute ,every second,
Time just moves on
Waits for nobody
Light and dark ,nothing waits
Feelings come up
Leave you feeling dry
Then again we are humans
Wait is something we always do
Hope is something we always pray for
Closer and closer
Leading me to what i dreaded
Time didnt wait
It led me
I chose
Things went on
Now i feel cold n lonely
I watched the rain drops fall
I saw the road moving ahead
I remembered all that happened
Felt like drowning in myself
Felt like going back all the way
Serendidpity is the word
That means so much to me
I still hope
I still care
I still love
I still wait
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Hope ?Lost?
Hope is something i have
I will always have it
Its instilled deep within me
But of what use is hope
When known is the outcome
Hope,i do ,for knowing
Hope,i do , will always
Hope,i do , why do I hope
I know i will always know
I know he knows
Care , feel , trust
or was it ??
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Deep down i knew it was coming
Just like the silence before the storm
I wish i could hold on to you
i wish i could move ahead with you
I wish wishes would come true
Now i am here ,hoping to hear from you
Hoping that nothing would go wrong
But i say everything has changed
Just as you once said
I want to hold on
But somethings are just not meant to be
What we had was beautiful ,
A friendship that was built on love
Caring, understanding ..
And now all that we have is a struggle
To move on
To live life
To start afresh
To not even think of us
Possible but still impossible
I will miss you
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Feeling Lost
Those were the days
when time just went by
things to talk ,smile about and laugh
now all that we had is a distant memory
it comes to me now and then
was it all a pleasent dream
How do i explain what i feel
the feeling of loss is just so irrepairable
Oh how i wish i could get my time of happiness back
And would never have let go.
Was there something more i should have said
Will it ever be known how much i cared
Would it ever be knows how much i loved
Would my words ever have the strength to move on
Would he always know
I know he would i know
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fishermen by ritzamarie fishermen :iconritzamarie:ritzamarie 376 266 Dream-way_ by mk3d Dream-way_ :iconmk3d:mk3d 465 169 Absynthe by kil1k Absynthe :iconkil1k:kil1k 357 170
On a Starry night..
Lying down, looking at the stars,
God's lil dots on the sky.
The mighty titans of far far worlds,
The moon in a corner,
Shining with all its might,
Reflecting the glory of sun,
In a white glow of purity.
The fluffy clouds flowing like a river,
Smooth,shapless icebergs in the sky.
Eclipsing the stars and hiding the moon,
With an eerie glow,helped by the moon.
The sparkle of stars remind me of her eyes,
The bright moon was like her face,filled with glee,
The clouds that eclipse them was flowed like hair flowing on her face,
Her beauty in the night sky,Her face imprinted in the cosmos foreever....
:iconallajunaki:allajunaki 2 7
Late Summer Sunrise by aquapell Late Summer Sunrise :iconaquapell:aquapell 1,712 423 Flora by nikosalpha Flora :iconnikosalpha:nikosalpha 805 331 Dark Tales by x-horizon Dark Tales :iconx-horizon:x-horizon 2,083 352 gold by jack-the-pumkin-king gold :iconjack-the-pumkin-king:jack-the-pumkin-king 4 8
You are my angel
kinder soul, there is none,
gentler being , i havent seen one,
is it your nature? or is it my perception?
you are my angel, u always will be.
:iconallajunaki:allajunaki 1 3
A cheerup Poem for her
I know a girl...Beautiful and sweet,
True to her heart, a halo around her head.
Everyday she gets up, Prepare for a new battle,
Sometimes she labours,yet in the end its not fair.
She knows life is a bitch,and it will bite,
Still she starts her day with a smile on her face,
Her innocence untouched, her faith unshaken.
Her love vast ,her spirit undefeated.
She is the one, everyone wants to be,
Yet she is the only one, who can ever be.
:iconallajunaki:allajunaki 2 1
An Angel
Who is this girl who stole my heart?
Is she an angel amongst humans?
In this time of distrust and hatred,
she is a puppy, trustworthy and loving.
When she is happy, no one can be sad,
when she is speaks in glee, no one can be upset.
Friendly she is, how can she ever be lonley?
Loving she is,will she ever let go of anyone?
An angel like this, cant help but fall in love,
And will always be loved,no matter what.
:iconallajunaki:allajunaki 3 1
storm and tree 3 by windowandframe storm and tree 3 :iconwindowandframe:windowandframe 2 4
When I see you feeling so empty,
I just want to hold you close to me,
Wipe those tears of fear from your eyes,
Wishing you could see your beauty.
Its clear to me that you're hurting,
A thought that tortures me inside.
I long to take away your pain ,
But that request has been denied.
I'll stand by your side forever,
Till death tears me away from you,
I'd never leave you willingly,
My love will always remain true.
Give me your sorrow, pain, and fear,
I would gladly bear them for you,
One like you does not deserve them,
In sympathy my heart bleeds too.
Listen to me and please believe,
You're beautiful as none can be,
Incalcuable in your worth,
Yet you give of yourself freely.
Be strong and know that you are loved,
Your trust I could never betray,
I'd hold you close comforting you,
I promise it will be okay.
:iconunheard-voice:unheard-voice 301 230
Sunset in St.Malo by Samich Sunset in St.Malo :iconsamich:Samich 2 11 calm. by scarletasset calm. :iconscarletasset:scarletasset 2 2




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Skin of choice: Blues/classy greys
Personal Quote: Always have hope!!


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